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Welcome to HV Holistic Health & Corrective Training. We offer professional, expert-led consultative care and support for people from all walks of life and many different professions and backgrounds. Our services cover the entire body & mind spectrum and are aligned with the teachings and practices of the CHEK institute. Whatever your ailment or concern, you are in very good hands.




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“I came to HV initially for help with my posture because I suffer with poor alignment of my knees. This has given me considerable pain throughout my life, and I have tried many different therapists without seeing tremendous results. I have trained twice a week for the past couple of months, and my knee pain has gone, my knees look visibly better and I have lost weight, too. I am fitter and more energetic- needless to say, I am really happy with the service”. 

NAS, Jan, 2017. 

“My sister and I had initially wanted a trainer to come to our house, but after 10 sessions with Charlotte, we are so glad that we came for a consultation at HV instead. We have both lost weight, gained muscle and our fitness has improved beyond what we thought would be possible. The joint sessions are fun, and Charlotte always manages to push us just the right amount. We are really happy with the whole HV experience”. 

HAK and NAK, Jan 2017. 

“In 2012 I was diagnosed with a disc bulge in my neck, which caused me immense pain, fractured sleep and difficulty conducting exercise to help me lose weight. I felt like I was in a vicious circle and I tried many different therapies without success. I came to see Charlotte at HV, and signed up for 10 sessions immediately. In those first 10 weeks, I lost 14.9kg of body fat, and gained 5.1kg of muscle. Each session was structured, planned and thought out to make it as effective as possible. I felt confident with HV, and putting my trust in the process enabled me to get a better result than I could ever have imagined”. 

AMB, Dec 2016. 

“Working with Charlotte at HV has been the best thing I’ve done since moving to Bahrain. She has inspired me to set everything straight in my life, to truly achieve a holistic balance: physically, emotionally and nutritionally. I am so grateful for the delightful results we are achieving through investing in my health”. 

HA, Nov, 2016. 

"I have been training regularly in the gym for twelve years now, though in recent years I have developed arthritis in my hips. I have had one hip replacement and am due for another. During all my time training, I have had a succession of ‘personal trainers’ who have, without exception, employed a ‘boot camp’ approach, directing me around all the machines to work up a sweat using ever greater weight; doing ‘cooper runs’ on a treadmill and high energy circuit training. This may have caused some of the problem with my hip degeneration.

During my post operation recovery my trainer at the time had me sideways skipping and I severely damaged my Achilles Tendon on the same leg, which severely impacted my recovery.

It was at that time that I was referred to HV Holistic and Vicky Andrews and I cannot speak highly enough about her ability. She adopts a totally different training philosophy, concentrating on core strength and dynamics using free weights and a ball for balance; with a lot of floor exercise and stretching. My body was responded amazingly and I now have a significantly improved posture, freedom of joint movement, zero backaches. I have lost weight, gained strength and feel energized. Her program has added strength and stability, allowing me to cope with a hip with little cartilage.

She is an absolute professional with an ethos of excellence. She cares deeply about her clients’ physical and mental wellbeing and I am simply amazed that ‘doing so little in the gym’ could have such a positive result. She has achieved what all the ‘boot camp’ trainers failed to do."

NCL, April 2016



 “If you’re not assessing you’re guessing”
– Paul Chek

“Exercise, the drug of choice”
– Paul Chek

“Assess for success”
– 1080 MAP 


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