Keep moving to keep healthy

Humans are designed to move almost constantly throughout the day; however, many people are stationary for much of the day. Bahrain residents often struggle to move more than 5,000 steps per day, which is half of the recommended daily amount. Lack of movement can cause weight gain, circulation problems, lethargy, sleep dysfunction, hormone imbalance, depression and much more. Simply engaging in non-exercise activity, daily, will help you feel healthier, and happier.

Follow HV Holistic Health’s tops tips, to increase your movement this month.

Engage in non-exercise activity. Pick up the pace on your next mall visit and see how many steps you can cover. City Centre have a dedicated walk/run program, called the City Walkers, rather than simply exercising your credit card! Get up from your chair, and walk to work while the weather is good, or you can take a speedy walk along the beach.

Try a new sport. There are so many new sports companies in Bahrain. If you find a sport that you enjoy, exercise will be fun, and not a chore. There are options for everyone, if you want to do water sports, you can paddle board with Beach Culture. If you’d like to stick to dry land you can cycle with the Cycling Bees, or you can hit some golf balls at the driving range, or even try your hand at beach volleyball at the Four Seasons.

Improve your posture. It’s common but, not normal for people to get headaches, and back pain caused by poor posture. To avoid this, add a simple series of stretches to your morning routine. Work on mobilising your spine, neck and shoulders.

Inspire others. Try spending your spare time on something that will benefit others, as well as yourself. Join your local beach clean-up to get you up and moving, as well as collecting some Vitamin D along the way. Join a local group to aid with charity work or offer to walk your neighbour’s dog. The sense of well-being that comes with altruistic actions, is hard to match.

Ditch the coffee shop. Encourage your friends to join in with an activity, instead of sitting in a coffee shop. Bahrain has some really exciting opportunities if you know where to look. For example, you can try go-karting, track top adventure, the driving range, ice skating, horse riding, and there’s much more.

Ditch the lift. Finding a set of stairs in a Bahrain mall, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack! However, they’re in every mall, you just have to walk a little further to find them. Using the stairs will work your glutes, hamstrings and challenge your cardiovascular system, too.

Move your mind. Social media is the modern time thief, that steals hours of your life weekly. Claim your free time back by having social media free days, and use that time to learn a new skill, try a new sport or communicate directly with your friends and family.