Children's activity

Change their habits, and improve their health, with the HV Holistic guide to ‘Health for kids’. It’s your job to educate your children that healthy eating isn’t a punishment.

  1. Stop rewarding good behaviour with junk food/ sweets. Educate children about their daily limit of sugar. Limit junk food to once a month, and NEVER use it as a reward. We see many adults who say, “I worked hard today so I deserve fast food”. This mindset starts from a young age, and it’s your job to educate your children that healthy eating isn’t a punishment.
  2. Use the school holidays as a chance to find new hobbies or clubs. There are plethora of summer camps being advertised at the moment, ranging from arts & crafts, to sports. Anything that stimulates their mind, encourages group engagement or broadens their skillset, will do. At HV, we’ve got a Fun Fitness Class starting from 7th July, too.
  3. Teach your kids how to have fun outdoors. There might not be mountains to climb but, Bahrain lends itself to water sports beautifully. Try joining a triathlon club, paddle boarding, swimming classes or even water polo.
  4. Diversify their interests. You might not think your child will ever be the next Andy Murray but, teaching them hand-to-eye coordination in sports such as tennis, will ensure that they can adapt to physical situations in the future. We see a large number of adults who have little balance and coordination, and this can hamper normal day-to-day activities, and increase the chance of injury.
  5. Enrol you AND your kids on a healthy cooking course. If you don’t know what constitutes a healthy breakfast, (which we get asked a LOT!), how will your kids? Learn together what should be eaten for a balanced breakfast, lunch & dinner, and broaden their tastes to foods that will benefit their mental, and physical, health.